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Educational Word Game

How Will This Help? 

  • EDUCATIONAL SPELLING GAME Not only does this activity teach spelling and memorization, but it helps children advance hand and eye coordination. 
  • LEARNING  - Test your baby's ability to observe and reason, and fully expand your baby's thinking ability

How To Play

  •  STEP 1 - Refer to the card, find the corresponding letter blocks to spell out the words
  •  STEP 2 - Hide the words on the card, then observe the pattern on the card to find the word
  • STEP 3 - Put a word first, then let the baby find the corresponding card.
  • How Does This Help 

What's Included

  • SAFTEY MATERIAL - Made of natural wood material, there is no burr on the edge. The spelling puzzles is durable and tear-resistant. Colorful pattern can attraction kids’ attention greatly.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES - The matching letter spelling game comes with a tray, 8 letter cubes, 30 cards (60 words with 3 and 4 letter).
  • GUARANTEE POLICY - Your satisfaction is our priority. Any problem within 30 days, please contact with us, we will solve it and accept replacement and refund. Completely Free